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Heeey there!!

How are things?

The weather in Brazil has changed!! It's cold and I adore it!

You know? I love this weather! It makes me feel more energetic and it makes me feel more creative!

Perhaps it's because the fact of internalizing things helps me to join pieces of the ideas I have and write them down. And that brings me joy!

It's absolutely fascinating how great it makes me feel!

It's also fascinating that what I write makes people think about themselves and become reflexive about their ideas, their life and so on. Wel,... at least that is the feedback I have when someone reads my texts and they tell me about them.

It's really joyful!

I learn so many things every day! Learning also brings me joy!

And the fact that the knowledge is personal and we'll never lose it, brings me a profound happiness.

Happier I get when I can spread it to the ones who need it when it's something helpful for them.

I guess we normally have the idea that what brings joy is what we can buy or touch with our hands and we can see with our eyes. But it's a lot more than that!

Owing things are wonderful! I love it! ahahahhah

But what we feel and how we transform those feelings in words or looks are the best part of our lives!

I have the privilege to learn wonderful stuff from Great Masters I've known in the past 10 years (or more)! And it would be a pity if I couldn't spread it to the world!

That sounds a bit arrogant, I know hahahaha I'm just ONE person and I cannot change the world with what I write but if I can make few people to feel better, that also brings me joy and it's also fascinating to me!

Realizing that we are able to make dreams come true to ourselves or to others are insane. Again, I'm not talking about money or abut what it can buy for us. But it's about the power we have inside of us and it makes us powerful enough to go after what we want and what make us happy and complete!

Critics can also be useful because we can analyze them and reorganize our ego, our thoughts and change our lives. Ego can be tricky! If we let it grow more than our height well, that can bring us the hell of a problem and we become "persona no grata" anywhere we are!

And THAT definitely wll not bring us any kind of joy! And when we wake up for life, that can be a little too late.

Here are some questions for you:

What fascinates you?

What brings you joy?


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andre macedo
andre macedo

Outra excelente reflexão.

Penso que o Ego é remédio e veneno.

Depende da dose.

Um desempenho legal ,em uma situação licita ,faz um bem danado para o Ego e nos sentimos melhor.

É só não esquecer que o ego inflado é irmão da soberba.

Um desempenho pifio deixa o ego arrasado ,e ele também é primo da depressão.

Equilibrio é tudo .

Até nas grandes vitórias.

E principalmente nas derrotas.

Vou pensar mais a respeito.

Você é muito util querida amiga.


Simone Komatsu
Simone Komatsu

Obrigaaadaaaaaaaa 🥰🥰🥰

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