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"Ohhh life is bigger!

It's bigger than you..." (by REM)

I couldn't agree more with the beginning of this song.

What are we in the world? Who are we for the world?

What do our lives represent worldwide?

What do you do to keep the world alive?

Everything we do interferes in the world!

For example, if we don't throw our garbage into the bin and throw it in the street, we will help to improve the number of rats. Rats are dirty and their pee makes us ill with leptospirosis and it can kill us!

If we encourage our kids to eat only what they like because it's a pain in the neck when they start complaining about the food served, they will have big health problems in the future (I'd say near future).

Kids' health is a big problem here in Brazil, the country I am from. At the age of 1, their cholesterol is already very high, worse than the exams f their parents.

And at the age starting from 7 and on the rest of the indicators of their blood exam get bad too!

How is their life going to be if they are not well taken care of and keep eating whatever they want and whenever they want?

And you? How do you feel about your life right now? Is it the way you've always wished for? Or do you think there's something still missing to make you happier?

Is your grass green enough for you?

My grass will never be green enough for me! Because I know I can make it greener! LOL

I think life ends (or gets close to an end) when we stop believing that we can do more and make all our dreams come true.

If we do not dream of anything else.. what's the purpose of life? Or... if we have no dreams... there are no plans... like planning a trip or a party or just planning to stay at home and watch the NBA games (I love the NBA) or something else.

Life is very valuable! I've learnt that passing through some situations that were not so pleasant. But that's past! And the school of life is the best school I could ever had!

Wish you a life full of joy and knowledge especially about YOURSELF! You have no idea about all the things you are capable of!


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