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Hello, hello!

Hope you are well!

Do you believe in Angels?

I strongly believe in Angels!!

Since my childhood I have the image of my angel as chubby with curly red hair, big blue eyes, freckles and a pair of big wings!

Maybe he looks more like a cupid, maybe he was also in charge of being my cupid lol

But I have a feeling that he resigned the position of cupid because I couldn't listen to him well and lost many opportunities to meet someone special for me hahhaha

Never mind! At least he remained as my Angel!

But the Angel I'd like to mention here is the angelS we meet every day of our lives!

Friends, family (only a few... very few.. maybe just one) or people we just bump into in the street!

I'm happy to say that I have huge luck and have many angels in my life. These angels helped me to be the person I am today. They helped me to see myself as someone important and great!

I have an angel who shows me that I'm doing the right thing, another one who gives me advice at any time I need, another one who tells me jokes (good ones), another one who helped me to rescue my inner essence that I managed to hide in a locked box inside of me for ages! And others I meet every now and then.

Angels are precious. People who surround you can be the Angels you have but in the shape of humans and not the kind I described above.

Sometimes we complain too much about anything and everything. Most of the times those complaints have no meaning, such as: nothing cool happens in my life or I don't have the job of my dreams or I don't ear money as I deserve.

Then I come up here with two questions:

Are you helping your Angels to help you?


Are you just siting on the sofa waiting for the help or love or money to fall from the sky and make you feel happy?

The only (and acceptable) I was sitting, waiting, wishing is the title of Jack Johnson's song!

You can also be your own angel and make the difference in your own life (it's a beginning!)!

Complain less! Laugh more! And live each day as it was the last day of the Universe!


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