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Are you into you?

Updated: Feb 7


What's up?

"Surfing" on Netflix and Cable TV I've been watching some chick flicks which are, somehow, very similar related to the topic about someone being into them but the communication is a huge failure and the relationship gets compromised. Actually, there's no relationship (till the end of the film but hopefully not the end of life).

Well, almost all chick flicks films are like that, right? LOL

Let me try to explain what the point is.. I'll start with the names of the films:

1) He's just not that into you (2009): it's about some couples facing some disagreements in their lives such as infidelity or not even cross the ideia of getting married even after long years together. And there's also a single woman who has an affair with a married guy whose wife is willing to have kids with him. It's a nice filme. It's funny and at the same time it shows the many issues that surround couples, married or not.

2) Ultimatum (France): I found this show so.... weird! I mean.. I'm not a woman who super understands about relationships but in my point of view, we shouldn't give an ultimatum to the partner. Because I think the feeling loses its sense in the whole story of the couple's life! Wasn't it worthy living together? Especially when it's said since the beginning of the relationship that marriage isn't something desired and maaaaybe the mind can be changed but it's not certain.

3) Your place or mine (2023): two friends, BFF for twenty years hooked up once but ... well no spoiler here! lol This kind of situation is also usual but it's normally found out after yeeeeears that they like each other more than friends. Do you think friendship can be mistaken with love? I mean it's love any way but different! Do you know what I mean?

4) No strings attached (2011) : this is another story of two people who end up falling in love but the "culture" of freedom in their mind is so strong that they realize they are madly in love only when both try to hook up with other people besides themselves. Crazy, huh?

All of them are films produced by the industry but the situations shown happen among us all the time.

Sometimes there's someone in love with you but you are so worried about other stuff and not so into you yourself that you don't notice what you've been looking for for ages!

I mean.. first we have to look into ourselves, check our feelings and reeeeeeeaaly realize what we want for real! It's as simple as that! It has always been like that!

Buuuuuut as our life style is getting busier and busier we don't pay too much attention to ourselves and we think: anything is fine.

Noooo!!! That's not fine!!! Because we have our needs! We are humans after all! Most of the time we think (actually I think we imagine that we are super humans who don't need anything.. oh my, so wrong!) or we act as we had super powers, that we are self sufficient, we are "SELF EVRYTHING", but we are not!!!

I used to think that I was a super human ahhahahahha and when I realized that I wasn't my life got lighter and funnier. And I really like that now!

I got more into me!

Loving ourselves first make total difference in our lives!

haha no... I'm not in love with anyone... well, I can say that I'm in love with myself and I must say that sometimes I argue with me in front of the mirror hahahaha

That's called relationship... <3

It's Valentine's Day!! Wish you all with a relationship with yourself or with someone else a wonderful day! Enjoy! And just feel it from the bottom of your heart!

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