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Blue Sky

Waking up in the morning

Watching the blue sky

Brings us joy as the soul spread happiness.

Blue sky is an inspiration for life,

Bringing us hope and the chance to reboot our feelings.

Feelings can be tricky but when we look up to the sky,

We get the fuel we need to go forward,

just expecting for our inner strength.

Deep emotions hidden

Can show up and be released,

especially the ones that do not belong to us anymore.

Blue sky is powerful!

And it teaches us how to keep going

because it's always there even when we can't see it!

Cloudy days make us think about who we are

and what we are eager for our lives.

And when we find out about our needs,

the blue sky comes and shows us the possibilities of making them come true.

We can have our own shiny and blue sky inside of our hearts!

And we are very capable to see it when we open our hearts.

Have a great blue sky every single day of your life,

even when the clouds try to cover it!


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andre macedo
andre macedo
Jun 11

Amanheceu com a veia poética pulsando hein...

Fico feliz com isso,pois você nos contagia com seus textos.

Mas realmente o céu do outono é exuberante.

Temos a Simone cronista.

A Simone escritora.

A Simone ficcionista.

A Simone articulista.

E a Simone poetisa.

Todas escrevem muito bem.

Que os céus te tragam muita

alegria sempre.


Simone Komatsu
Simone Komatsu
Jun 11
Replying to

Que os ceus NOS tragam mais dias alegres!

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