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Whats's up??

What is your favourite colour?

I've recently had a "homework" to study colours. I could choose one colour and work on it!

I tried to start "studying" about pink, which is my favourite, but something led into the RED colour.

But I didn't want to follow my instinct because I thought: well... I don't wear clothes in red much.. I have just some pieces of clothes that are red...

Then I changed to gray which I also like and it's close to pink.

Then agaaaaain, my heart was led to RED!

I thought 'Ok then! Red it is!'

I started looking at things and imagine the red colour in my mind and I found out that RED frightens me! But before I continue, I'll write here the meaning of this beautiful colour.

It's scary, isn't it?

Ok.. you can ask me what scares me about this colour... and I answer that it makes me dig my feeling and bring what lies in the deep of my soul and spirit!

Red is the colour of the courage and confidence but once they are dug inside of us, where can we find the power to bring it back?

Well.... wearing a piece of clothes or an accessory of this beautiful colour!

I've recently taken part of a very cool party and I represented Morgaine, a Celtic Goddess. The first thought was about the clothes. cause after all she's a GODDESS so I had to wear something that represented HER beautifully!

I had to Google it LOL cause I had no idea about any style of dress that could represent her.

Well, the first picture I saw on Google was a beautiful red dress.

I fell in love with the dress and its colour and that was the chosen one!

Yes, my friend.... I was so afraid of the red colour but I wore a red dress at the party!

My feeling? It couldn't be the BEST!!!! The best feeling ever!

You know when you feel that you are recovering everything you had once in your life and somehow you let it go away?

I felt that I recovered everything and much more!!!

And now I have to make use of everything! Otherwise they'll be lost again and it'll be a waste of time having worn that beautiful dress and especially representing such a very important Goddess in History as Morgaine was.

What´s the colour mood for today?


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1 Comment

Elisandra Sona
Elisandra Sona
Aug 30, 2022

Amo vermelho! Minha gaveta de camisetas já foi uma palheta de tons em degrade! Desde rosa bebê até vermelho Piriguete! É muito curioso perceber o como as cores mudam dependendo da época da vida! Ainda gosto do vermelho! Mas, o verde já entrou para a lista, depois o preto... e agora ando em uma misturancia de cores! Tô achando que vamos agregar mais uma cor favorita!

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