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Hey... how are you doing today? Hope you are great!

We've been living in a world full of people taking drugs for depression and other psychological problems.

And we also meet people who don't take drugs but deal with depression quietly and most of times, smiling. And these are the ones who need support the most!

I agree that it's hard to identify and help these people. Cause even if we offer some kind of help or support, they will deny that they're not well. They will say that we are imagining things and that we should show support to other people who really need it.

When someone is depressed and they are medicated or they are taking care of their situation doing some holistic treatment, going to appointments with psychologists and going to appointments with nutritionists/dietitians, we know how to deal with them.

But when the person is quiet, plays with friends, usually goes out, travels, smiles a lot... well, we have no idea what they carry inside of their hearts.

We have no idea of the weight they carry. We have no space to offer them a hand because they're "perfectly healthy".

Nutrition can help a lot!! There are some foods that help diminish the "pain", helping people to sleep better, stay hydrated all day, treat the intestines, .. It's really important to have good eating habits in order not to depend exclusively on medicines!

Depression is silent, is dangerous and it kills when it's not managed to reach the cure.

Yes, there's cure for that!

When someone commits suic!d3, we usually say: ohhh poor family! Ohh why did he/she do that? It's the end of the family!

I started thinking about the pain of the person who's gone! The pain of the decision! The lack of good thoughts about themselves, the way they'd been punishing themselves until they put an end to their lives.

There are so many things to think about! Thoughts that won't have answers anymore!

The world is individualistic, selfish and capitalist. People care more about the animals in the streets than a child. Social media has become the place to be and have fun or post photos showing just the beautiful sides of life! And we know that life isn't 100% colorful flowers and green grass everywhere all the time!

Celebrities suffer from depression sometimes! We see just their awesome moments, their success but we'll never know what really happens in their minds and hearts. They have no peace even for some coffee in a nice and cozy coffee shop. IMHO, I think this is so sad.

We have our moments, good or not!

Running away from things we don't feel comfortable with is OK, sometimes. But in the end, we will need to face the uncomfortable moments to grow and become more mature.

More we try to hide our feelings, worse we feel and the body and the mind start getting sicker and sicker and they're finished abruptely with no prior warning.

I'll write a cliché sentence now... Life is a blow! Or Life is a blink! I don't know if this is something said just in Brazil but I hope everyone understands that.

Don't worry, I'm not depressed! It's just something I felt like writing cause people I know are getting lost and losing their lives... It's an issue that started suffocating me and I would stay awake all night if I hadn't decided to write it down.

If you need help, please talk to someone! Look for help! You are worth it! Never give up on you!

Don't Stop Believing! <3



andre macedo
andre macedo
Apr 17

Boa tarde querida amiga.

Texto muito sério e importante.

Egoisticamente fiquei cheio de pulgas atrás da orelha:

-Brincadeiras quinta série (das quais gosto) podem ser gatilhos para deprimidos ?

--Tenho feito algo ou ao menos visto o sofrimento nos que me cercam?

-Existe suicidio nutricional?

Quem gosta de viver é capaz de sabotar a vida?

Em caso positivo ,porque?

Caramba são muitas indagações.

Seu texto de hoje é muito profundo.

Vou refletir muito sobre isso.

Kisses .

Simone Komatsu
Simone Komatsu
Apr 17
Replying to

Suicídio nutricional.... 🤔 olha, acho que qd a gnt vê a nutrição de qq jeito ou faz que vê de forma séria, talvez seja sim um suicídio nutricional. Pq, ao meu ver, é como se a nossa parte interna não fizesse conjunto e parte da externa. No entanto, somos inteiros somente quando juntamos o interno com o externo.

Vou pensar mais a respeito! Obgd! Beijoca

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