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Do dreams come true? Or is it fate?

Updated: Feb 7


How are you doing?

I'm doing fine! Looking forward to making up my mind about having my hair dyed or not and if so which colour will be chosen. LOL just kidding!

Do you have dreams? Do you daydream? Have you ever thought about having all your dreams come true?

Or do you think that it is fate? And that's why and how things come true only because they are meant to be?

And what if they came true? All of them? Was it because they were written in the stars or because you worked hard for them?

Sometimes I stop and think all about those questions above. If I'd be happy if all my dreams came true. If it's just destiny......... I get lost in my thoughts!

I wrote once that I love daydreaming even though I know I daydream too much hahhahahahah And that has nothing to do with fate lol

Yup! Guilty! I know!

And every time I daydream about something, somehow, unrealistically impossible to happen I feel like an idiot!

Now I ask you another thing.... do you think if we do not feel guilty about our crazy dreams... they are more possible to become real? Even if they are not in our path? Not our fate?

Because.... if words have the power.... and if I think: 'hmmm that's bullshit and it'll never happen to me ...' Does that mean that I'm rejecting what I've just said that I want? Or even doing that if it's our destiny that will happen anyways?

Oh Goddess! I think the law of attraction won't work with me or for me hhahahhahahhha

I'm worse than a mosquito repellent. OMG! I repel everything! ahahaah

How about you? Do you believe in the law of attraction? Do you practice that like a mantra?

I must say that I don't! Well... soooooooooometimes... hhihihi

But then I feel like I don't deserve any of those things I dream of. Why? I dunno!

I think it's time to dream that all my dreams will come true with honour! hahhahah

With effort and justice! With peace and love!

And that everything is written somewhere in the Universe.

I agree that dreaming about world peace is something difficult to happen but using the politeness we have it might be possible to avoid fights for stupid things.

Stupidity is something that keeps our dreams on hold, left for some time later.. I take a chance to say that stupidity may be an obstacle that we put in front of us and in front of our fate.

Well, sometimes it comes from others but if we let it be an obstacle for us that means that WE are being stupid to let that happen!

So, do not let others put you through situations that may be in your way to get what you want, what you wish for. Just go for it and make it happen!

What do you wish for?

What is you desire?

How do you feel about your wish/dream when you mentalize that it's about to come true? Excited? Unsure? Happy? Crazy?

"What? How can I feel not sure about something I wish for and it's about to come true?"

Well... that's called self sabotage! I've done that a lot! lol

You know... when the thing is so so soooooo good then you stop and think: "no... that's too much for me.... and it's impossible that it's about to happen!" - This is self sabotage!

Because you stopped believing in that! You were about to have the thing you were wishing for for sooooo long! Come on! Just believe it! And get it!

Do not put a BUT in the middle of your dream!

It's time to pursue your dream! With no sabotage! =)

And let's give a hand to Fate! Let us be helpful and not helpless!


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