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Do you eat more when it's cold?

Updated: Feb 7

Hi guys! How are you doing?

The season of the year in Brazil now is Autumn! In my opinion it's the best season of the year!

The weather is good! Not hot, not cold... it's so comfortable!

I can sleep well covered with my blankets ... so nice and cozy!

But with a nice temperature like that.. it comes the appetite! The kind of appetite which is bigger than a monster! Bigger than a T-Rex! Oh Gosh!

It's time to drink hot cocoa, eat creamy soups, chocolate or cheese fondue.. mmmm yummy yummy!!!

As I'm allergic to milk I have to change to almond milk (or coconut milk or any other plant based milk) and cashew nuts cheese to make fondue but if I eat too much I may have problems, too.

Oh.. and stay in front of the TV watching series or films and eating a big bowl full of popcorn! Delicious!!! I love it but I don't often do that not because I'm afraid of gaining weight but because .... Oh my.. I honestly don't know why.. Crazy woman! Lol

Maybe it's just laziness =)

And because of those things above, everyone gains weight and when they come to the clinic to see me in mid August.. they're all complaining about their weight and they're all pretty much desperate to lose them because Summer is coming! And they want to get rid of their extra weight which they gained in 6 months in less than a month!

Summer time in Brazil is time to go to the beautiful beaches we have here and wear bikinis, shorts, skirts, dresses, cropped, tank tops, etc. And that's why all the despair comes to surface!

What's people's behaviour related to food in Autumn and Winter in your country? What's your behaviour? Do you eat more? Do you exercise less or don't exercise at all? What kind of food do you prefer in those seasons? Is it the same as in my country?

When you gain weight do you feel desperate to lose some kilos in just some weeks?

I've been to England and Canada in Summer and it was extremely hot!!

You may say: come on! You're Brazilian! You can handle hot weather better than we can!

Actually I'm not a fan of hot weather. That's why I love Autumn!!! It's soooo cool and the colour of the leaves of the trees get so wonderful and the sense that EVERYTHING WILL BE JUST FINE floats in the air.

So.. any ways... when the weather is hot, we can also be in trouble because we eat a lot of ice cream, drink different kinds of beverages and if we do not exercise we can keep those amount of empty calories stored in and around our abs. The famous love handles ahhahahahahah

That's why exercising is also important! So we can keep everything into balance and we won't be in trouble.

What kind of food do you normally eat when the weather is hot?

Is it the same as when the weather is cold?

It's about time to start thinking if it's really necessary eating more than we need. Especially if we feel guilty after eating something we consider "prohibited in our diet".

Take care!!


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andre macedo
andre macedo
Apr 18, 2023

Que texto leve e gostoso.

Amo caldos e sopas,de preferência os mais calóricos,acrescido com gotas de pimenta e chuchados com torradas.

Mas tenho que emagrecer e ai a alegria diminui,caldos ralos lembram hospital e são insipidos e inodoros,a distância entre a euforia e a decepção é menor do que pensamos,para o bem e para o mal.

Mas o causador dessa decepção tem nome e endereço,hoje é a colheita do ontem,e essa lembrança na nutrição vem acompanhada da saliva descendo pela garganta.

Não gosto dos gordos por esse motivo,são seus próprios algozes e depois reclamam...

Mas vou arriscar uns caldos sim..

Kkk deve ter gente olhando o biquíni...

Mais uma vez nos levando a pensar.

Parabéns menina danada.

Kisses and kisses.

Simone Komatsu
Simone Komatsu
Apr 18, 2023
Replying to

Ahahahaa mas tá td bem comer caldos mais cremosos... é só manter o equilíbrio e saborear lentamente cada gostinho sentido em suas papilas gustativas. E assim ocorre o inimaginável! Sem repetição! Porque você sabe que vai poder comer um prato assim novamente quando quiser! Salvo se estiver em viagem a algum lugar maravilhoso e difícil de ir sempre que quiser. Beijoca!

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