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Do you know yourself? For real?

Hi there!! How are things?

Hope you are well!

Do you consider yourself as a complex person?

Do you understand yourself?

How well do you know yourself? By the way, do you really KNOW yourself?

Have you ever had the opportunity to have a birth chart made by an astrologer? And have it explained to you?

Most of the times, when we say that we need to know ourselves, we normally look for therapy. It really works, it's really good to solve some issues that are happening at that specific moment of our lives.

But when we think of something deeper, to discover about ourselves in so many ways, the invisible, the feelings... well, a birth chart is a very nice way to find things out.

At first, when the discovery begins, we feel like nothing. Smaller than a green pea, I'd say a lot smaller than that! lol

Everything seems to be upside down!

It seems that we are all wrong living the current life. It seems messier than our wardrobe! hahahahahah

After the first shock, comes the "digestion" about everything! And then comes all the questions:

Is that why certain areas of life are complicated?

Why is it so hard to go forward when we suffer some kind of disappointment?

Am I a weak person?

Why do I feel like a weirdo? And etc!

When there's a professional explaining everything to us, it's easier to understand ourselves better.

And when we stop and think about our life, if we knew some aspects of it, things wouldn't be so complex and we wouldn't feel so lost sometimes!

It's really interesting to know how the planets and the star signs have different effects on us.

Before we try to understand others, it's important to understand ourselves first.

Perfection is looked for many people, including myself! But I know that thee's no perfect. Nothing is perfect and nobody is perfect. Perfection is delusional!

Do you believe that it's possible to see that inthe birth chart? About willing just the perfect stuff and people!

It means that we've been living a lifetime looking for perfection and wasting our time without knowing that depending on some actions we can put in practice some things it can be changed. Well, that's how I understood! ahahhaha crazy, huh?

If you think your life is a mess, maybe it's some planets or star signs fault! aahhahahaahah

But it's possible to be fixed!

Don't feel desperate like I felt ahahahahah

Just look for answers that may help you understand the flow of your life. And then you will understand some of your attitudes.

Take care!


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andre macedo
andre macedo
Jun 28


É isso mesmo.

A gente quer se sentir o entanto..

É como vida passada..todo mundo se acha ex rei e rainha...

Mas podemos ter sido um belo de um chucro cretino..

Ou coisa bem pior...


andre macedo
andre macedo
Jun 28

Que texto gostoso.

Eu fiz a alguns anos um mapa com a Nidia.

Eu sou escorpião com ascendente em escorpião e lua em escorpião.

E raro essa posição acontecer.

O que alivia um pouco é o decanato.

Eu descobri que tenho alguns defeitos quase insanaveis,mas administráveis, é o que tenho tentado...administrar.

Eu sou curioso em ler as condições astrológicas das pessoss próximas.

Você também é assim?

Claro que o ambiente, a criação, as vivências, são prepoderantes na nossa construção,mas que os astros têm grande influência não há duvidas.

Seu texto é delicioso.


Simone Komatsu
Simone Komatsu
Jun 28
Replying to

Nooossa!!! Vc é um escorpiãaaaao por inteiro!!!!!

Meu mapa é medonho ahhahahah com os cursos de astrologia na NOS, a gnt aprende mais sobre e depois decide se chora mais ou menos hahahahhaa

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