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Do you dream?

Do you remember what you dream about??

Do you like dreaming?

Do you like daydreaming?

I love daydreaming!!

My imagination is very fertile so I travel far away when I daydream!

But I must say that I'm terrible at remembering what I dreamt during the night while I am sleeping! I just remember dreams that are either very very veeeeeeery exciting and beautiful or those dreams that are terrifying!

Have you ever had a terrible dream, well... let's say a nightmare and when you try to fall sleep again, this nightmare has part two of it?

It's like a series with many epiosdes but this one you want to end as soon as possible because it's bothering your time of rest!

But then.. one night you have this sweet dream about something or someone that really makes you feel loved, protected and cared... you wake up and think: I wish it has more episodes... buuuuuut what happens??

Whaaaaat happens???

Noooooooothing! Nothing happens! Absolutely nothing!

So sad, isn't it?

What if I tell you that my dream series has episodes once or sometimes twice a year?

ahahahhaa you can laugh! It sounds like a joke, right?

I'll tell you why I'm writing that.... it's started in 2017.....

I was studying in a city 6 hours away from where I live. I used to fly sometimes but I normally went by coach. And 6 hours I had time enough to sleep (quite a lot! ahahah).

One day, I fell asleep deeply duringthe trip and I had this dream about a guy, a very gorgeous one by the way, who I've never seen before.

And since 2017 until now he appears once or twice a year. I guess we are in our 6th episode now lol!

I reaaaaaally hope that the series becomes a reality show with a very happy ending.

Has it ever happened to you?

Has any of your night dreams come true?

While my dream doesn't become a reality I keep daydreaming and expecting excitedly for my next episode when I'm asleep!

Wish me luck, please?

Cause today is my birthdaaaaaaay!

4th November!!


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