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Eating Habits


What's up guys? Hope you are all well, rising and shining!

As for me, I'm good here! =)

Eating habits... well, well.... everyone is different, every eating culture is a lot different!

I'll tell you about the eating habits in my country, in Brazil.

Well, yes.. I'm Brazilian. Born and raised here. Descendant of Japanese people. So, basically my eating habit is 75% Brazilian and 25% Japanese.

I love food! No matter what country it belongs to! I like eating and I think trying new tastes and flavors are a plus in our lives!

I've already tried Indian food. I found it super delicious! Spicy the way I love. But maybe I couldn't eat it every day because it's not part of my culture.

I'm not a fan of Chinese food much. It's too greasy and the smell doesn't attract me. I eat some things like spring rolls and another thing which I have no idea what it's called!

I like Italian food! I loved cheese but because of my allergy I cannot eat any kind of dairy product anymore. So so soooo saaaaaaad!!! But I'm surviving eating vegan "cheese" and vegan "yoghurt". They're not the same but that's the alternative for me!

Japanese food is good!! Sushi, sashimi, oniguiri, missoshiru .. love, love, love!!!! But I hate the soups with noodles.

Aaaand my favourite!!! Brazilian food!!!! Rice and beans, beef, salads! Brazil is a rich country with many varieties of vegetables and fruits. So it's easy for us to create colourful meals if and when we can..

The photo below is of a traditional food in Brazil called FEIJOADA. It's made with black beans, pork ribs, bacon, sausage.. it's very delicious!!

As a nutritionist, my struggle is to make people understand the importance of good eating habits. I'm not saying that a cheese bacon is harmful but it's important to know and realize the frequency of this kind of junk food is eaten in a week or in a month.

Everyone wants to lose weight in a blink taking drugs but no one wants to make an effort to have a better health and change the eating habits!

You may think that it's easy for me to say that because I'm thin but I had to fight against my weight for a long time. It was really tough, depressing and frustrating!

The feeling of failure was my everyday feeling because I've tried many kinds of diets but I was honestly waiting for a miracle! Because I kept eating a big bar of chocolate every day, had loads of snacks and cakes and pies but in my mind I wasn't eating a lot. That's called self sabotage! It happened all the time!

After gaining a lot of weight in Japan while I was studying there (my weight went up to around 75 kg), everything changed after coming back to Brazil. I got fed up with my weight and physical shape I decided to change my habits! And it worked out!!

Now I weigh between 46 kg and 48 kg. And I feel very happy and healthy!

Since then no self sabotage (at least not related to food LOL)

What did I do to lose weight?

First I quit eating junk food. I started eating real food like rice, vegetables in general, fruits, meat, beans, chicken, eggs.

Second, I started going to places on foot instead of driving! Supermarkets, bakery, city centre.... everywhere on foot (when it was possible, of course!).

And I also started psychological therapy because I was totally lost! Japan drove me crazy!

But the key to keep my (light) weight for more than 20 years was definitely the change of my eating habits.

It´s OK going to restaurants! It's OK to eat junk food sometimes! It's more than OK to have social life and go to parties, happy hours and get together with friends!

But we must feel right and well with whenever we are eating something that won't let us feel guilty about.

Mind, spirit, soul and the whole body itself has to be connected all the time to make the good things happen for ourselves!

Wish you kindness when you see yourself through the mirror!

Wish you love to love your body and your mind!

Wish you to enjoy your own company and realize how great you are!

Wish you to be in peace with the food!! Food is not the enemy!



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