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Feelings are like the wind!

Sometimes it winds but we don't even notice it because we were not paying attention.

Sometimes it starts drizzling and we barely feel it.

Sometimes we feel peace but we don't even notice it because we are not so good at light feelings as peace or love.

Feelings must be felt!

But how come we don't even realize that we are "not feeling" anything?

How come we say that we feel nothing if we don't stop to feel?

How dare we say to ourselves that we have no feelings?

Everyone's souls must shrink every time we say such a thing!

If feelings were so bad, they wouldn't be part of humans lives.

They'd be something like a household appliance that was bought because someone needed it.

And when it had become obsolete, it would be thrown away without pity!

I agree with one thing!

Feeling are not easy to be understood!

But then , I have a question! Are they difficult to be understood or we pretend we don't understand our feelings?

Sometimes it's hard to really feel it and find out how painful that feeling is, or how painful the situation caused a bad feeling.

For some people it's so easy to fall in love.

For others, it's easier to fall into place and proceed doing what they were doing.

And then, there's me, who easily fall from bed in the morning when have to turn the alarm off!

Just kidding ;)

Aaaw feelings, give us a chance to understand what you tell us all the time!

What does it mean when we shiver when we listen to some songs, or when we see some landscapes from places not even visited in our dreams? Why are the feelings so good to be felt from those things?

Maybe the secret is just feeling and not thinking or trying to understand their meanings.



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