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How are you doing? Great, I hope!

I was wondering here about the sparkles we have in our lives. The colourful fireworks that blow up in our minds and hearts!

And then I realized that I've been having the sparkle for some time now.

You might be thinking:

"Wow! She has won the lottery!" or "well, well well missy.. you've met someone special.." or "you've found a better job with a lot better salary!"

Well... no, no and no hahahahaha I wish but.. not YET!

"Yet" is a frequent word in my vocabulary and in my life. And thank Goddess my life has changed a lot recently.

"Come oooon woman! Spit it out!! What's the news?"

Actually, no news... I've just realized that we don't give the proper attention to things that effectively happen in our lives.

We don't notice the fireworks blowing up right in front of us (or above us lol) even after winning a big challenge or an important competition because we always want more and more and more!

And the sparkly moment simply disappear without a trace.

The things above are all things that we can see happening. People can see our achievement! And even so... we just don't mind about it.

Now imagine your kid saying the first words, giving the first steps, the smile when they've just come to the world! Can you feel the sparkle inside of you?

Ok.. that was easy...

Now imagine you start playing a musical instrument that you've always wanted to (and you played it fantastically well even being the first time)... how do you feel? Can you hear the sound of colourful fireworks inside your heart? OR you will pretend that it was just luck amd not a gift you were given when you were born?

I´ve recently learned to be grateful for everything that happens to my life. Good things or not so good, ,.. everything becomes something to celebrate for because we can learn with them and the colour of the fireworks is our choice.

The best fireworks are the ones we truly feel and not exaclty what we see with our eyes.

When we "see" things through the eyes of our hearts every single thing becomes more colourful, cheerful and full of hope.

Wish you a sparkly and joyful day!


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Elisandra Sona
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Simone Komatsu
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