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Flow of life

Heeey! How are you doing?

Hope you are fine!

It's all good here, some ups and downs but everything manageable and flowing!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the flow of life sounds stopped and apparently dark? And if you've ever noticed that, what do you normally do to make it flows again and make it become more exciting and lively as it was before the darkness?

I believe that our lives have to flow like a river . Once the flow of the river stops, we have a muddy puddle of water (a big one) which can be really hard to get rid of. But that depends on how you face the flow of your life. Is it tough? Is it soft? Is it tough and soft at the same time?

How is it?

I must say that for some time in my life I've lived in a biiiig muddy puddle of water. I felt stuck all the time with no expectation in life.

But ... Living and Learning! Sounds clichet, right? lol

I could leave the muddy puddle and changed it to a river with clean water! Of course I have my moments... moments that I'm not so well but as I learned to stop and think about the problem that is affecting me my river doesn't turn into mud anymore.

Everyone has different ways of living, different life styles.

Single people, married people with or without kids, single parents.. people who like going out 24/7 or the ones who prefer staying at home and watch films on various streamings we have nowadays... Different lives, different people and there's room for everyone and each one has their own river, their own flow.

How's your life flowing recently?

Is it flowing the way you wish? Is it leading you straight to make your dreams come true?

It's ok if your river isn't flowing the way you want now, At least it's flowing!

But once you start feeling angry because it's not the way you want... just change it! Go ahead and make changes of your actions!

Lack of courage? Maybe you need to focus inside of you and check what you still want in your life or not! "Cleaning" our inner self and giving opportunity to our mind and heart to make room to get more positivity, more attention to ourselves I'm sure we'll get what we want and where we want as soon as we give ourselves permission to do so.

We don't normally allow ourselves to enjoy the day reading a book, watching a film or just take a 15-minute nap after lunch.

It's healthy to do that sometimes for clearing our minds and have our creativity in action because when we create something, when we have ideas, it gives us the feeling of "wow! I'm alive!".

An alive river flows on its magnificence of its sound, its colour...

Let's make life magnificent!


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