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Hi guys!!

How are you doing?

As for me.. well.... I feel like $#!t today. Emotionally tired and with a feeling of frustration.

I don't know if this kind of situation has already happened to you but.. you know when you feel like evrything is back on track, especially related to your job and finance, the suddenly it's like a landslide taking everything towards a biiiiiiig hole..

It might have happened to every human in this huuuuuge world but the way it affects our feelings is very unique and different from person to person.

I feel amazed when I see people who think fast and find solutions for the situations in a blink.

I'm like that sometimes.. but today I'm feeling so fragile, so tiny (not that I'm a big person cause my height is 1,57m and I weigh 47 kg 🤷‍♀️) ..

Maybe it's the hormones... girls are going to understand me.. PMS 🙄

Or maybe my life has begun changing and I haven't noticed that yet. Until now..

And today.. at the same time I feel guilty because I want to do absolutely NOTHING, I feel like I deserve some kind of rest for my mind.

Still... I feel the obligation to find a balance between these two feelings but my mind is blurry and confusing.

Things will get better and I'm sure about it... and I hope it happens ASAP!

And for the ones who are feeling the same or know someone who's passin through changes in their lives I wish from the bottom of my heart that you regain your power from within your heart and you have the gut to fight forward and go after your dreams!!

I'll try to do the same!

Be brave!

Be well!

And love yourself!


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