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Have you ever.....

Hi guys!!! How are you doing??

I'm doing well here, trying to get some inspiration to keep writing.

I was thinking here,, there are so many things that I haven't done with no apparent reason! But I have already done things that I felt embarrassed of myself or even disgusted.

For example.. have you ever eaten something that looked soooooo good but it turned out it was reaaaaally awful and disgusting?

What was your reaction when that happened?

Did you feel fooled?

Did you feel angry and pissed?

Did you snap at the person who was serving you?

Or did you manage to spit the food out in a napkin delicately?

Our reaction says many things about us!

I used to snap at people and I don´t feel proud about it. It´s terrible! The feeling after this kind of reaction is depressing and tiring!

Learning with the mistakes we make are our big treasure in life,

But if we live as we have a button pushed on an automatic way with no attention and no feelings then the same mistakes may happen again and again and again until we turn the button off and we really start LIVING our lives the way we DESERVE to live.

And then we begin to realize how important we are!

Some thoughts occurred to my brain now... and I have some questions to make.

Have you ever thought of how cool you are?

Have you ever thought of how great you can be to yourself?

Have you ever dreamt of going after your dreams no matter what?

Have you ever thought of trying to do something you've ever thought it was something impossible for you? For example singing or driving or just say NO?

May I ask you a favor?

Be kind... to yourself first!


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