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Heeeey! Hello!

How are you doing?

I was wondering about some questions here.... There you go..

What does healthy mean to you?

Do you consider yourself a healthy person?

Is your life style healthy?

I'll give you some time to think about it. :)

Oook! Time is up!!

Was it difficult to answer those questions?

I must say that I used t be confusing about the HEALTHY thing. But working as a nutritionist for some time now the answers are fairly clearer (just kidding! lol).

I'll put the definition of healthy here, according to the dictionary:

  1. having or indicating good health in body or mind; free from infirmity or disease

  2. promoting health; healthful

  3. exercising or showing good judgment

  4. financially secure and functioning well

How'bout that? Any similarities with your answers?

To me, healthy means to feel good with my mind and body. To have good ideas which are productive and cause no harm to anyone and especially myself. Have good food intake balanced with some burgers and french fries sometimes and practice some physical activity which I like and not the trendiest one.

I had a patient once who said to me: well, you have this slim body because you eat just lettuce and drink just water, am I right?

My answer: yeah.. right...

Being healthy is not only eating just lettuce or just drinking water. IT's a lot more than that! In my humble opinion is eat what you like (in balance), do what you love, respect your body, soul and spirit, have good thoughts in your mind and heart!

Who doesn't have cravings about burgers or pizza sometimes?

It's not healthy if you restrict yourself and do not eat them! Then you suffer and go to bed thinking about them. This is definitely not cool and not respectful to yourself!

Restriction is something that make us want the thing that was taken away from us.

For example the begimmimg of the pandemic in 2020. We were not allowed to leave our homes not even for shopping at the supermarket! We were totally restricted to our place 24/7!

Ok ok.. maybe in this context it was healthier to stay home but after some days our minds and bodies started to feel unhelathy. Kids going crazy, moms and dads also going crazy.. the World went mad!

And now, even after 2 years the human being still suffer the effects of the restrictions of the pandemic. Anxiety, depression, kids are hyperactive, impatience, agressiveness and terrible hunger to devour everything and anything that appear in front of them.

The fact of geting back to "normal"has become abnormal.

Then I ask you these questions ... what is healthy for you? Are you a healthy person?

Has your life come back to normal (for real) after the pandemic? What has changed?

Wsh you are safe and well!

With love,


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