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Hey now.. hey now....

Don't dream it's over.....



So... it means that I can keep dreaming about a better world?

A world where people are more polite and gentle and where humans are treated as humans?

I've recently noticed that the human being is getting crazier along the years!

We've been living in a world where we cannot say anything, not even a simple joke because someone will look at you and say that you are racist or that you are making bullying!

And it was a simple joke! Just that!

In Brazil it's getting really difficult to show our opinions. Anything said can turn against you with no reason! And only because you wanted to give your opinion about something!

It's called prejudice if you mention the colour of a person. I'm yellow! And I feel like there's no point to say that I'm Asian instead of saying my racial colour.

Because yellow, as well as black, red or a colour!

More than say the colour, it's the intonation of the word or the conversation that will dictate the real meaning!

There's a good friend of mine at work whose colour is black. I call her as my sweet chocolate in a gentle intonation because I consider her a really good friend! And she says to me to open my eyes lol. Because I'm Japanese descendent, my eyes are small and it's a usual joke here to ask the Asians to open their eyes. But depending on the intonation and the sound of the voice that can sound pretty offensive.

I also have another friend whose hair is very curly and when we are talking I sometimes ask her if she put her finger into the electrical outlet and she responds saying that at least she has no spaghetti on her head.

The spaghetti is my super straight hair which I have difficulty in wearing a simple tiara because it falls in 10 seconds. LOL

And I don't mind that because I know they care about me.

It's really disappointing to watch the direction the mankind is taking to. A world where corruption has more power than justice.

Well... where's the justice? Hidden in a barrel and covered in dried mud which is really hard to get rid of.

That's sad.. really sad!

The only thing we can do now is chin up, look forward and ahead and live the best way we can for ourselves and for the ones we care about.

Be safe and sound!

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