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I'll be right there ...

Updated: Feb 7

I'll be right there ..

To meet the calling of the life

I'll be right there ..

To the fact of what my essence says

With my desires and my love

The kind of love that is not physical

But they burn like the flame of super hot passion

That embrace my soul and spirit

I'll be rght there ...

To rescue what the wind has taken from me

But that stayed in the air so that

Stronger by the faith

I could get what is mine again

I'll be right there ...

There, that place that has always welcomed me

That has always cured me and where I've always been loved

Perhaps one day, walking on the path the wind shows me

I let go of going there again just for a while

And get back here and rescue the other good things I have passed in life

But today, I'll be right there ..

Right there where, one day, I surrendered to my deepest desires

And where I lived the happiest moments that I had dreamed of living.

And it is there .... there... where the time has chosen me to spend

With all freedom to fly,

It's where I'll stay...


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