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Hello!!! How are you doing??

Oh my... I think imagination is something... faaaaaantastic! Especially when we talk to children! I have great fun talking to them!

I was peacefully having lunch with my aunt and my 6 year-old cousin and suddenly she stopped eating, stared at me and said: Simone... do you want to.. well.. want to be single forevever?

I started laughing and I said yes! Single and free for doing what I want at any time! And then *Nicole (my little cousin’s name) says: but Si... I want a cousin!

*Nicole is actually my cousin’s daughter and my aunt is her granny

My aunt almost choked when she heard the kid’s comment LOL and I laughed even more! But I said that if it’s a guy who has Capitain America’s style (I meant Chris Evans <3 <3) I could think of getting married and give her a cousin.

And now the most imaginative and creative part of all the story begins. She started eating lunch again and after some minutes, while chewing her food, she put her arm on her chin and said: Woooooooooow!! Capitain America!?!? He’s goooooorgeoous! Wow Si, the I’ll get to meet Spider Man and the Iron Man!! Wow, Leo (her little brother) will be sooooooo happy when he meets Iron Man!

And more: OMG! I’ll ask Capitain America to spin me around on his shield!!

I bet you’re laughing.. well I laughed loads when I listened to that!

Can you imagine such imagination of this little girl?

I am the one who picks her upa t school every day and one day on the way to my aunt’s house I asked her if she was thinking positively about me meeting Chris Evans and she strongly said YES, Of COURSE!

And there was a biiiig silence until she says: I want a little cousin!

Then I said: yes,.. if I get married one day you’ll have a cousin, because I AM your cousin!

Nicole: No, no.. I meant a baby cousin!

Me: Whaaaaat?Are you crazy?? I can’t imagine myself waking up in the middle of the night to change diapers!

Nicole: But I want one!!! Because It’d be so cool!!

Me: Ohhh reaaaally? Well... then I won’t be able to give you attention or play with you any time we want because I’ll be busy with the baby!

Nicole: (thinking for some moments) mmmmmm, Ok! I don’t need a baby cousin anymore! And we kept going to my aunt’s place for lunch singing a song she had learned that day at school.

Do you have contact with kids constantly?

If yes, do they have this great imagination as Nicole?

Sometimes I think when I was her age I had this kind of imagination, so creative!

I imagine the kindergarten teachers who teach these kinds of creative kids and I also imagine what they hear every day in the classroom.

It must be crazy!! But also funny!!

Talk to you soon!!!


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