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Hey there!

How've you been? It's been some time that I don't show up around. I was kinda feeling uninspired...

I kept writing in my blog only in Portuguese, which is my mother tongue, but I couldn't write anything in English.

My mind is too fast and the typing speed doesn't follow my thoughts which are extremely quick and I get lost in the middle of the sentence.

Can I call myself insane? lol

Is that a sort of insanity?

Or is it because of many chores that must be done every day that make me feel "crazy"?

Have you noticed how life has become as busy as it has never been before?

Have you noticed that you've been working more and earning less (well, at least this is something that's been happening in Brazil)?

Have you noticed that you talk to people and they don't get what you were saying because they were not paying attention at you? But they were looking at you while you were speaking.

Insane, huh? or Bizarre!

I'm a volunteer at a coffee shop at the weekend and I need people to work there to sell soda, snacks, coffee, etc.

Can you believe that it's getting an impossible mission to find people to work just one day of the week??

I have no idea what it's like in your country but here... again, IT'S INSANE!!!! There are no committed people to work!

And they say: ohhh, I NEED to work!

Yeah, right! Total lie!

This is very tiring. It has become tiring!

It's tiring to listen to people's excuses.

It's a pain in the ass watching them working and doing what you told them not to.

It's insane when you give them orders and watch them doing totally the opposite or just do what's in their mind.

I would like to know about workers' behaviour in your country. Just to compare it with the workers in Brazil.

I'd like to know if it's something happening worldwide or if it's just here. Because it's tough!! Mon Dieu!!!!

I wish I don't end up wearing a straightjacket from a hospice lol I can have my moments of insanity but I don't think I need to be admitted in a hospice (at least not yet lol).


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Teacher Evania Santos
Teacher Evania Santos
Nov 20, 2023

As it says in the song by Savage Garden.

"Sometimes sanity takes vacation time on me" 😉

Simone Komatsu
Simone Komatsu
Nov 20, 2023
Replying to

Its vacation here is too long hahahahha I need my sanity back!

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