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Just.... carry on...

Hello, hello!

Helloooooooo! How are you doing?

Along the past years... well more precisely 3 years... after the COVID thing in 2020 ...

Many things have changed since the beginning of the year 2020. From finance to social life. A year later, we had the vaccine but even so many people still got caught by the virus. Careless people? Too much careful?

"What do you mean by too much careful? We HAD to be careful!"

Yes, I understand! But I also understand that using alcohol every single second to clean our hands is not a good thing because the product removes our natural protection, our good bacteria that are there to really protect us from microscopical mean strangers.

The pandemic also showed us the importance of washing our hands with water as soon as we get home from work or school or wherever you were before. Actually it showed us the importance of good and properly hygiene.

It made us create or re-create our lives doing different things for making money and provide things for the family, even if it was just for the essential stuff like buying food, paying some bills (electricity, water, heating).

As for me.. well... honestly I didn't do much. I could and I think I HAD to do something. You can ask me now why I didn't do much/anything and I will answer that I don't know.

I could write some beautiful reason here or something extremely sad and devastating but then I'd be lying about it.

Oh! I remembered!! I did something! I started writing!!! I didn't have this blog but I was writing to an online magazine here in Brazil. I had time to use my creativity and I hope I could give some comfort for people in such chaos!

At the end of 2020 I was invited to give an interview about how to clean vegetables and fruits after buying them in supermarkets or open markets.

I don't remember if I've told you but I'm a dietitian.

And in 2021 I did other interviews on local TV about the prices of the food in supermarkets, what choices of food that were cheap, healthy and good to have a complete meal rich in nutrients and tasty.

So, I guess... I did something for the population in general. Financially speaking I went back to work in April 2020. Thing started slowly but I could survive. And thanks to my parents and my faith!

Faith is something to hold on to and never let go. When we think that life is over, look back to your life and see with your heart how much you have grown as a person. You may not have turned the person you have once wished for but there's still time... just carry on.... and never ever let your faith disappear!

The spirituality has taught me that for some time now.

Looking back to your life, using the eyes of your heart.... how much have you succeeded in life? Has it been enough? Has living become a burden or is it softer?

I guess you will face some surprising things that have happened! Congratulate yourself! You are a survivor!

We all are!


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