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Life x Fitted Sheets

Hello, hello!!!

How are things?

Hope everything is well!

The weather in Brazil is very hot these days! I mean, it's a tropical country and we expect hot days but, it's too much! I'm melting!

And as the weather is hot, it means that we sweat a lot. We sweat when we are just sitting somewhere, when we are having our meals, when we are adoing absolutely nothing and when we are sleeping on our bed.

And the fitted sheet that we had just changed, has to be changed again and again and again.

I'm not complaining here about changing the sheets. The thing is that folding fitted sheets after we wash and dry them, can become a fight when we don't know how to do it properly lol.

And as we lose patience, what do we normally do?

We just fold it the way we feel like it and keep it in the drawer or in the wardrobe. But it's a mess! It's clean but still... a messy fitted bed sheet!

As for patience, maybe we could practice that folding fitted sheets lol I know.. I know... that was a horrible joke! But it might work! Why not? Ok, ok.. I'll stop with bad jokes (just for now :) )

Can we compare how we manage our lives to a fitted bed sheet?

I have some questions to ask you:

Is your life plain like a fitted bed sheet or is it a messy one?

Do you keep it properly folded the way it has to be or just leave the way it is somwhere in the wardrobe?

Do you know how to fold a fitted bed sheet? lol Those rubber bands are terrible to figure out aren't they? But after learning how to do it, it gets easy. It's easier than folding an origami.

As in cleaning the wardrobe, folding fitted bed sheets says a lot about us.

In my point of view, it shows how we usually behave with others but especially with ourselves.

If everything is neat and tidy, wow! That's awesome! If it's not, we may think about what we are doing wrong and need some changes and sometimes fix things.

Sometimes we find out that it's not possible to fix it and we have to throw it away. But are you prepared to let it go? Can you do that? Or you have to figure out how to cure your emotional pain before let go unused stuff?

Unfolded fitted bed sheets may show us that we need more focus in our lives or it's just the laziness and the lack of patience to fold it. And THAT it's up to each one of us to find out.

I've been thinking about it for some moment.

Take care!!


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