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Look Back


How are things?

Everything is ok here!

Well, I'm wondering about many things as usual lol And I thought:

"I always think and say that we cannot look back to the past because if we do that, it's hard to move on..."

BUT then I thought (again):

"... but if we stop looking back at all, we will forget the benefits and the cool things we achieved!".

I think it is something usual we think about the unpleasant things that happened in the past. Things that hurt us, that broke our hearts, that made us feel like nothing in the world, pieces smaller than dust. And those make us feel depressed, frustrated and totally helpless. These feelings will make us walk back into our harmful thoughts about ourselves.

But we are not that! I mean, we have our good and bad moments, everyone has them!

The way we understand and digest those feelings is different for each of us.

Depending on our childhood background, they can be harmless or harmful.

"Ok! And how can we deal with those feeling if they are harmful? Living those feelings again will be worse and very painful!"

Well, as for my experience, the more I tried to hide those feelings from myself, more I felt pain and frustration. Once I decided to face them, life started smiling at me and I was able to find solutions for my personal issues.

But to get to that, I needed professional help. I reccomend therapy, the one that you feel comfortable with not necessarily with a psychologist. I like holistic therapies!

Looking back to my past, I see how much I grew as a person. I had some imature attitude that was really stupid. Having realized that, it was time to open my mind and eyes to make a change in my life.

All the pain revived and faced was worth it. Looking at the mirror now is easier and, somehow, comforting to see the person I have become.

Looking back is not just about living the bad situations again and again, but it's a way to solve what has hurt you and made you feel tiny and weak.

You are stronger than you think you are!

Make changes, step by step! Change things that are possible and that will not cause more problems.

You will cry, you will wish to give up on everything, you will feel very angry...and you will think: "why on Earth I decided to change something in my life? This sucks!".

Yup, I agree with you. It sucks! Sucks a lot!

Take a deep breath, touch your arms, your face, your head, your whole body and feel every part of yourself. See? You are alive!

Our lives need respect the same way we need to respect ourselves!

Then, after all of that, you will look back and will say: everything was worth it! My life is worth it!

Take care of yourself!

Stay safe!


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1 commentaire

andre macedo
andre macedo
27 mars

Nossa biografia pode ter lindas páginas e algumas deploráveis.

Mas é nossa história.

Não há o que ser feito.

É salutar conviver com ela.

Mais um lindo texto Simone.


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