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Mental Health – Are you well? 

Hi guys!

How are things? 2024 has just started! Hope you all have accomplished your 2023 targets and are ready for new ones this year!

2023 was full of ups and downs. Moments of joy, moments of anger, moments of loneliness, moments of solitude…. Well, there were lots of good and bad moments.

I’ve learned many things from the not so good moments. I guess I’ve been learning from the not so good moments since I had my broken heart. And that’s been quite a long time now lol!

Nowadays I laugh about it but back then it was a real struggle for me. I was a teenager trying to figure out about my feelings and I had no one who could give me a clue about it.

In the 90’s when someone looked for a psychologist they were considered as crazy people, some kind of lunatic with lots of free time and nothing else to think about. That sounds crazy, huh?  But that is what I heard when I said to my parents that I needed to see a psychologist, I needed therapy.

For an Asian family showing feelings is not easy. In any sign of a single tear dropping from our eyes they say that we are weak. And if we are kind of sad, they say we need to find something to do. There’s no respect or any privacy.

If there’s something I’ve learnt is that this is Asian’s culture. My parents were brought up like that, their parents were brought up like that (or worse!) and consequently they (tried) to bring me up like that. But something “went wrong” in the middle of the way! Hahahaahhahaha And after years of real-life therapy I’ve learned to show some of my feelings but not all.

I can say that it’s tiring hiding feelings. It’s mentally tiring! When the brain gets tired it’s impossible to think of anything and when we think, we normally think about bad things like quitting life.

And when I got to the peak of my mental tiredness, I thought of giving up on everything. And this wasn’t just because of heart broken, it was the mixture of feeling I had sucked down my throat and never let them go out of me, my mind, or my heart. It was all inside of me killing me on the inside.

Lucky me, my penknife wasn’t sharp enough and I couldn’t finish what I thought it was my real pain. My life wasn’t the pain, but what I brought up in my mind, the monsters I created turned my life into hell.

The mind is so powerful! We create many things for our lives using it. And I take the chance now to ask you a question:

What kind of life are you creating in your mind that makes you feel good with yourself?

I’d like you to think just about yourself and nobody else!

Here is another question:

How many times of your life have you thought only about yourself?

That’s not selfish! This is mentally healthy!

Looking back, I can see how mentally damaged I was. Along my life, I’ve met good people and learned from them how I wanted to live my life or not. I mean, learning from other people’s behaviors make us think of our own.

But it took me a long time to figure that out. I realized that for real in the end of 2023! And I thank myself for not giving up on myself. I can honestly tell you that this is the first time I thank myself for that.

Even having had good moments along the past years, my turning point is the present life.

I was wondering how much the pain we feel is worth our lives. If you need help, look for it. It can be a professional or it can be someone you meet when you are in a queue at the supermarket. Are our struggles worth our life?

I understand that everyone feels in a different way on different reasons. But then we go back to our thoughts and think: what is worth living for?

I could keep blaming my parents and my ancestors for my bad moments, but I chose not to keep doing that for my own good!

“So you are saying that you have a perfect life now.. hmmm are you sure about that?”

Not at all! Ahahha But I’m sure that I can live my best according to the moment I’m having and taken good care of my mental health and trying to solve the things that make me feel sad or useless. But for that we must know ourselves.

You know, most of the times our eating habits make our mind slow and lazy and accept anything. It’s ok to eat some junk food sometimes especially when we are hanging out with friends and family. It’s ok to celebrate! But when we keep eating just junk food day after day, we’ll have some issues related to anxiety, depression, sadness, tiredness and so on.

As a nutritionist, it’s my role to warn people about that. It’s not only about losing weight but it’s a matter of thinking if what we eat is feeding our mind and soul or just making our heart comfy and trying to hide what it really is happening inside of us and fill a hole that we have no idea where it comes from. Or we know that, and we don’t want to look at it properly because it hurts.

Stress and pain are signals screaming that something is not doing well. The way we’ll deal with them is our choice. And by choice, I’d say that facing them with the power we have, the inner power we hid in a box locked with 7 keys, we can solve everything even when we think that life doesn’t matter anymore.

You know what? IT MATTERS!!! YOU MATTER!!

Wish you a happy year, a happy life, and a happy mind!




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