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Moments are fast,

They come in a blast

If you don't think you're the best,

What may come next?

Moments are like butterflies,

Sometimes colourful or black and white.

But remember you were a coccon

Before learning to fly.

Moments can be happy or sad

Everyone once said:

"Smile and you'll get that"

Just make sure your smile is worth for that!

Moments are like lightning,

Followed by the imponent thunder

Which can be out loud or silent,

Like the fast or slow beats of our heart.

Moments, moments...

If no longer noticed,

Disappointments may come.

Anxiety willl ruin

The best person you may become!

Live your best!

Fight for a good life!

A life you feel proud of everytime you see yourself in the mirror!


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carol carollina
carol carollina
Feb 02

Oowwnn amei💕


andre macedo
andre macedo
Feb 02

Que lindo..simone poetisa...simone cronista...simone articulista...simone bruxa...simone nutricionista...e muiiiiito mais.

Só acho que deve se perceber mais.

Você é muito talentosa.


Simone Komatsu
Simone Komatsu
Feb 02
Replying to

Hahaah obrigada!! Perceber-me mais... essa é a minha luta! Hahahha acredito q tô perto! Beijoca Andrezão!

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