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New beginnings

Heeeey, how are things??

I hope you are well and full of plans!

Wrtiting this way, it seems that we are obliged to have many plans to put in practice every day, all the time, right? ahhahaahh

Sorry, I didn't mean that!

As usual, I was caught inspired after watching a limited series called From Scratch!

At first, it seemed to be a boring film, an ordinary romance that things that are well and full of love, start going bad because of jealousy and envy.

So, after had started watching it, I quit watching it in the middle of the second episode. Time went by and suddenly I felt like watching it again. "Something" was whispering in my ears to watch it. So I did!

And I cried a lot watching it! lol

My eyes are swollen! I have just finished watching it! It was light-hearted until the middle of the series, then things started changing, sad surprises started happening.... ooh oh..... the tears started rolling down my cheeks!

I'm not giving you any spoiler, I promise!! Well, let me say that I'll try not to give you any spoiler. =)

It's a love story, of course, there are happy moments, a lot of laughter but also a lot of anger. But the thing is that what happened in the story is something that I always think about. When we are in the peak of our joyful moment in life, something always happens and we have to make choices.

And.. what do we choose?

We choose something that is only about ourselvez or we choose the thing to make the other one happy... what to choose?

And when there's no choice?

When the fate comes and kicks you directly into your chest without short notice? What can we do?

Beginnings are not easy... but new beginnings are waaaay harder! Doing things from scratch is a lot more challenging because it won't be the same as it was. Because it will begin from the SCRATCH!

Drawing the way all over again, make plans, change and move, perhaps.

I've heard something very important recently:

"If you are not well with yourself and the environment you live, you'll never be well! And you can move house, city, state, country, wherever! It will never work! Fix yourself first, feel it!" by Miss Rose of the Winds

And then I realized that I've always complained about some environment that is part of my life and I always argue with myself. I knew that I used to do that a lot, but knowing the bad impact it causes in my life, is painful!

That's why when I could travel abroad, I always felt that I was incomplete! Of course I was incomplete!! The sadness and loneliness inside of me didn't let me enjoy good moments and see everything open-minded and cheerfully.

I had an idea of that but getting the conclusion.... WOW!

It's a big sign that I need new beginnings in some areas of my life and they definitely have to be from scratch and bury the bad habits I created the past years!

Do you think you need to start something in your life? Or re-start? From scratch or not?

I've just realized that there are people around me that are in the same situation...

Super big sign again!! Oh my!

If you like drama, I recommend the limited series I mentioned above. It's not something unrealistic. It's something that can happen to us in our lives!

Take care! Stay safe and sound!


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