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Hello guys! How are you doing?

This is my first text written in English!

I've already written some poems in English but a text... well, this is going to be the first! The first wagon of an infinite train (I know the trains have an end lol).

And being English a language I simply love from the deep of my heart, I'll try not to make so many mistakes.

I've just realized that the title for this text was chosen wisely: PERFECTION!

I guess you could see in the first two paragraphs that I apologized if I made any mistakes (grammarly, I meant).

Then I started thinking.... even when I speak or write in Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese - YES! I'm Brazilian ahaha and NO! I don't do samba!) I also make mistakes.

Well, who doesn't? When speaking their mother tongue, the words or sentences are not 100% correct!

So, why on Earth we get so shy if we make a simple (not huge, please) mistake?

Why do we always seek perfection in things we know some mistakes can happen?

We are humans!

I used to think about doing everything perfectly. Say things with perfect words, but my life was never perfect! I think noone's life is!

And if everything is so perfect and perfection is the goal.. sorry! We are living in a wrong way and we won't learn anything about what our lives are trying to teach us.

Do you want perfection in your love life? Watch a romantic film! Chick flicks are the best! I love them!

Do you want a perfect job with perfect colleagues and more than a perfect salary? Watch another film! After the pandemic this may be the most difficult thing to find!

I'm not saying that we can not wish for the things above. I'm just trying to say that if we stay so focused on doing everything perfectly we will not pay attention to what happens around us. The laughter of your children or nephews and nieces, the flavour of the food you eat, the smell of the rain, the glow in the eyes of your love ones when they see you...

Or worse!!! We will not pay attention to ourselves! Because we ARE perfect the way we are and we CAN improve our abilities, the shape of our bodies, the colour of our hair... anything we wish for OURSELVES!

Improvement doesn't mean that you will get the things right 100% of your life. It means that you will learn to become a better person with a lot more knowledge and keep growing and get more maturity.

And that will allow you to breath more easily, softly and without tension or stress!

This text may not be perfect but the perfect touch of my soul is in it!

Because every soul has its own perfection! <3

Be happy!


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