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Happy New Yeeeeaaar!!

How were your celebrations? Lots of fun? Lots of food and delicious dishes? Fun with friends and family?

I must say that I did nothing. That was my plan for the holidays hhahhh Do nothing! Just resting and watching lots of films on Netflix!

I needed some time just for myself. Rest my mind and give more importance to my feelings which were quite crazy at the end of the year!

Not saying that I stayed hidden in a cave or anything like that but I just needed some quiet time!

Most of the times we don't give a f@c% to what is important to us because we work, work, work and worry, worry, worry!

On holidays I thought only about eating good food and enjoying my time!

What's the importance to all that? Why is that so important?

I imagine that life is like a puzzle. The number of pieces of your puzzle depend on you. It depends on what you think, what you feel, what you like, etc.. And HOW you are dealing with them.

If you struggle in life, your puzzle will probably have loooooooots and lots of pieces! If you don't struggle too much you may have less pieces to put together.

Some years ago, the puzzle of my life was a mess. Many pieces from many oher puzzles all together because I didn't give the attention the puzzles deserved to.

Nowadays, I quite know what is important or not. When someone is important to me or not and when I am important to them or not.

I stopped giving importance to the ones whose affection for me was only when they were in need and they just needed to complain about their stuff with someone. Got tired with that!

Maybe this was one of my New Year's resolution: giving importance to the ones who really care about me and to the things that make a difference in my life.

Said that..

I ask you a question: have you already noticed the difference between when you give importance to the things that are really really reaaally important to you and to the things or people you think they care about you?

If yes, how did you feel when you find out that you were just ears and not a human being with feelings?

That's when we start separating the pieces of our puzzles and put the right pieces together in the right place.

And if you don't like the puzzle, you can get another one because from that you have learned something very important and became more mature to face life with the chin up and bright eyes with the certainty that you're a fighter and yu can put any puzzle together correctly

Wish you have beautiful puzzles and may your life be full of joy!


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