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How are you doing? Hope you are great!

I'm about to burst in laughter here because of the title of this writing! Call me insane! ahhahah I deserve it!

I was doing the dishes the other day and suddenly I started thinking about things that I did and I got embarrassed! And that gave me idea to write about "self-humiliation"! lol

Since I was a child, I used to do some hilarious things. Not on purpose, of course! Because I wouldn't dare to do those things consciously! lol

I'll tell you what I did when I was about 3 years old. Yes, I was very young! The embarrassment I caused myself didn't allow me to forget the scene!

Ok... I was about 3 and a party was happening at my uncle's. There were many women in the kitchen, including my mom. I remember, she was wearing green trousers and as a tiny child, the only part I could see was my mom's legs and her green trousers!

I was looking for her in the kitchen when I saw a pair of green trousers moving near the table. As fast as I could I hugged her legs and then I heard everybody laughing a lot! I looked up to see my mom's face but for my surprise, the legs weren't my mom's and neither was the face! lol

My mom was in the bathroom and when she came in to the kitchen I was still hugging the other lady's legs! And of course, she also laughed!

And that was the beginning of my fun life lol

I have another story! I used to practice athletics when I was about 10. I hated it! I was obliged to do that! Goood! I reaaaaaally hated it! I had to practice every Saturday morning for at least 3 hours. Rainy days, sunny days, cold or hot, I had to be there...

Once, while I was stretching in the beginning of the practice.... I was so sleepy wishing to be at home back to my warm and cozy bed, as I wasn't focused on what I was doing, I fell on the ground! But, lucky me, just the coach saw it! She said nothing but she didn't seem happy because of that. Can you imagine the scene? Yup! Funny, isn't it?

Ohhhh, this one is hilarious!!!! I was once in a clothes shop buying some things and when I was at the cashier, I saw some sunglasses. And I got one to try them on. I wore glasses that time... ahahahah and I forgot that I was wearing them! What did I do? I tried to try the sunglasses ON my glasses!! ahahahahahahaha Ths shop assistant held her laughter so hard! Poor girl ahahahah

I remembered those stories of my life and I felt self-humiliated ahahahahhaha

I don't evenn know if the word self-humiliation is a real word but I couldn't find any other that explained my feeling with those memories.

Even in Portuguese, which is my mother tongue, I have no idea if we say that. I guess I heard no one saying that ever before! hahahahahha

Have you ever had those moments of "self-humiliation"?

I remember another one!!! This one happened when I've been to London for the first time! The word PUSH is a false friend for us Brazilians. The pronuncitation of the word PUSH is the same as the meaning of the verb PULL.

Well, can you imagine what I was trying to do with the door when I saw the word push? Yes, I tried to pull it! HAHAHAHAHAHH Of course it was an unsuccessful action because the door remained closed! The worst thing was that the door was at the English school I was studying at! After that episode I've never made the same mistake! Lesson accomplished! haahahaha

Life is good, isn't it?

We can collect so many memories! Even when they're from embarrasing moments ahahahaha we can laugh about them after some years!

I hope you can have the chance to laugh about your moments as well!

Don't feel mad at them! Just enjoy the memories and check if you've been doing the same things or if you've changed!


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