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I know.. I know... I guess I have already written about series some texts ago lol

But then... it happened that I found this series called Sweet Magnolias which I'm so in love with!

I had tried to watch it once but at that time I didn't feel any connection with it.

Last week I was in the mood of watching something relaxing, a light drama with a touch of romance but not so lame then I thought: why not Sweet Magnolias?

Oh my! That was the best choice ever for making me feel lighter and relaxed. This series also makes me laugh but I've noticed a smile on my face from the beginning to the end of each episode.

The behaviour of the main characters is fantastic. I mean the three friends complete each other. They support each other, they also have some rough time among them but it's all solved with dialogues as grown ups.

They have taught me how to be a better person with no vengeance even when not so good things happen to them.

That taught me in a way that showed me how important it is to listen and realize that everyone has their point of view which can be different from ours. And that's OK! Because no one is the same.

It's a series full of empathy and resilience!

Every one has their particular way of thinking and especially feeling! No one is expected to have the same opinions or attitude! Every one and each is a unique person! And special their way!

I strongly recommend this series which at first sight seems to be more of the same but I assure you that the lessons taught in every episode is worth it!

Well, at least for me! lol

Enjoy your lives the best way you can!

Laugh every moment you feel like it!

Love yourself first!


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andre macedo
andre macedo
2023년 4월 06일

Magnólias me aguardem.

.grato pela dica.

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