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Sex and Love or Love and Sex?

Updated: Feb 7

Hi! How's everything? All good?

I don't know about you but I love series! I mean, I'm not the kind of person who watches all the episodes of a series in one night but when I really enjoy it I finish it faster, like in a week.

Lol! Don't laugh! That's quick for me! Oh.. apart from Emily in Paris which I watched it on a Sunday afternoon!

'Simone, if you are talking about watching series.. what is the meaning of the title you chose for this text?

Well... that's because I finished watching the series Sex/Life. Oh! I finished it in 2 days because it's just got 6 episodes!

Oh.. that must've been awesome then?

Well.. actually there was a lot of sex, and sex and sex hahahaa kidding! There was a little more story than the first season.

I cried a lot watching it.

Wait! You... cried... because... 🤭

No, no! I cried because this series had a kind of lesson. Well, at least for me! I got very emotional watching some scenes. Maybe it was just my PMS talking..'

So.. there's a woman (not the main character) who had always said that she wouldn't attach to anybody because as a single woman with no strings attached she could do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and whoever she wanted to!

But then one day, she met the love of her life after a long time by chance.

I'm not giving you spoilers (sorry! I've already given you a bit) but what I want to say is that she gave up on the love of her life once because of someone's idea about "running after a man is bullshit" ... something like that.

After leaving the love of her life behind she went after her dreams!

She reached to what she was aiming to for her life but in her face pretending a fake happy smile, it was possible to see that something was missing. That there was a hole in her heart that needed to be closed.

In between she had lots of sex with many men but still that hole in her heart was kept open and maybe "forgotten" for some years (the heart! Not the hole in it).

Why did I choose to talk about this character and not the main one?

It's simple... I can say that we have one point in common which is the part that even alone I can be complete and do whatever I want, whenever I want and be happy that way.

I am somehow,... but sometimes it gets boring to be alone. Especially when something really cool happens to me and I have no one to call and say about the specific achievement.

I know.. I know... I could tell a close friend of mine (and of course I do it sometimes) but.. it doesn't sound the same!

Do you know what I mean? 🤔

So.. that character found out that she could have everything because she finally recognised that that part of her life was incomplete, that only sex is not satisfying, it's empty. She didn't create any bond with any sex buddy she had along the years she was separated from the love of her life.

Oh.. the guy... who became her boyfriend again... he persevered a lot! He showed her what he wanted in a very consistent way.

I wonder if in real life there are men like this one .

Honestly? Not so sure about that. But thaaaat's Oooooook! 🙃

I have some questions for you...

Are sex and love the same as love and sex?

Do people fall in love first then they have sex or have sex first and fall in love after? Or neither of them?

Is having sex when you are in love the same as when it's just sex?

What would you choose for your life: stay with the love of your life or go after your dreams by yourself without him/her?

Would you give up on your dreams for love?

Sex and love?


Love and sex?


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