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Spoiled "kids"

Heeey! What's up?

Everything is fine around here besides some tantrum from old kids! lol

Old kids? How old are they?

Well... They're from 40 to 52 years old! Yup...

It's been tough to keep calm and not to snap at them.

Firstly because I'm really not into snapping at people anymore and secondly I don't need that anymore. I guess it's a sign of maturity.

I can handle with spoiled children (until 9 or 10) but more that that? No way! I just keep quiet and just watch their behaviour.

After some time it's more mature doing that other than keeping a discussion about the problematic issue knowing that it'll be endless! And tiring! And end up worse that when it started.

Do I need that? Do you need that? Do we need that?

I don't think so!

Actually I think that even those people I'm talking about in this text don't need that. But as everyone is with the "automatic pilot" on, it's even hard for them to realize that they don't need that.

Everyone is different. Everyone is a unique individual. I can't understand why there are some people who try to make us become the same as them.

Sorry mate! You won't get that from me!

Being on automatic pilot is really bad cause, in my opinion, what is important for those in this case is only their navel.

Ohhhh I'm sorry! I explain!

In Brazil, we have a saying that is: Oh gosh! he/she can only see their own navel!

That means that they're selfish and sometimes also spoiled. Because only their things matter! And nothing else! There's no consideration to other people's feelings.

Or also: that person should look at his navel more!

That means that that person takes care of other people's lives instead of his/hers.

Is there any saying in your country that is similar to those above? If yes, can you tell me in the comments below this text? Pleeeeeease? =)

I have one last question... do you think selfishness and spoiled are the same? I mean.. related to people's actions and behaviour.

Take care!

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