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I relate crying to having a shower.

The tears that fall from the eyes are either relieving or painful.

The same as the shower especially for moms when their kids are toddlers. It's a relief for the moms and it seems to be extremely painful for the kids.

If we think from the kids side it really makes sense because for them having a shower means stop playing or stop doing what they are enjoying doing. It means stop with the fun and that is a waste of time.

For moms watching those tears falling can be either painful or... well... an every day struggle for both kids and moms, but it's something necessary day by day.

I usually cry when I watch films. Most of them are chick flicks and sometimes drama or a thriller.

What I'm trying to say here is that tears are very welcomed. It doesn't mean that we are weak or fragile or that we are afraid of many things, anything or everything!

I respect every teardrop that falls from people's eyes when I know and when I feel that it's sincere.

How do I know it's sincere? I can say that I have the sensitiveness to feel what the person is feeling at the moment of the crying.

You can call me freak lol but I'm not. There are people who are very sensistive and they can get what is in the air and I'm one of them.

The current "modern culture" doesn't allow people to cry and it's been making most of them egocentric, cold, proud to hold their feeling just for themselves.

And what it brings to them in charge is extreme anxiety, depression, high food intake, especially sweets, bad sleep, intestinal constipation, headaches, migrane, fat liver, problems in the stomach and so on.

Holding our tears is like put all the feeling in a cage or in a dam where the doors are never open.

Now imagine this cage or dam totally full without a door or a window to ne opened and let it refresh... eventually it'll blow and when it happens the damage is going to be dramatic and very very dangerous!

Have you ever thought about it?

Our feeling have to be shown. We don't need a tantrum but somehow we need to put away what is making us feel bad.

Unfortunately the bad things are the ones that people notice most in others and jn them.

But you can do it differently! You can cry, let your tears wash your soul, look at the mirror and say to yourself: you rock and nothing will break your dreams, so go for it!

And you can keep crying if you like. But this time the tears will be warmer, happy with a sense of power and the certainty that everything you wish will come true.

Never give up!

Fight! Cry! Smile! Laugh!

And most importantly LIVE!

Stay safe and well!


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