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How much have you heard someone saying to you that you are an intolerant person?

That you have no patience and you need to tolerate others more? Or any kind of tough situation..??

But has anyone asked you how much you really tolerate things or people in your life?

Or how many times you got quiet because if you had said the truth at once you could destroy that person in front of you?

Or even through messages on your mobile.

Tough, right?

Messages exchanged through our phones are very tricky because sometimes we understand them in a wrong way.

And when it's a voice message... well.. if you are feeling stressed out (especially if it's a message from the source of your stress) you tend to understand it as aggressive as it actually is or worse!

Sometimes it's an apology message but you are so so sooooo pissed that you think you heard only sarcasm and irony.

The fact is that our feelings speak out more than our minds.

It's almost impossible to think clearly when the emotion is all over our body and our heart is tick tacking as a Boeing in the middle of turbulence!

I ask you now... is it possible to be tolerant when the rage is like... 1.000%? Is it?

Can we say that tolerate some arrogant attitudes from a person because, somehow you like them is stupid?

Would you prefer snapping at them and give them a f^#$ and just leave?

Having that said... I have another question for you... how much of you have you showed to someone? Have you shown 100% of who you are? Your actions, reactions, thoughts, feelings, or even tolerance, intolerance and patience?

Have you ever heard someone saying: "ohhh I got shocked when he/she got that angry! I could never imagine that kind of reaction!" ?

Well, maybe that person tolerated their max and the patience had simply exploded and gone!

Because we never imagine the nights of those people. We don't know if they sleep well or if they've been having some sleeping issues.

I have recently spoken to a colleague and she told me that she's been having trouble to fall asleep.

I could've never imagined that because she's always smiling and apparently happy.

Suddenly she started telling me about the situation with her parents, their divorce and how this has affected her emotionally.

She's only 22 but feeling is a feeling. We can't choose what or how we feel.

She's been tolerant about the situation because the centre of the problem is between her parents and not her.

But this tolerance is affecting her much more than she thought it would.

Balance is important. Not other people's balance but our own!

You balance, My balance, His/Her balance... and so on.

Once we get that we will be able to live in a better world.

I'm not saying to keep smiling 100% of our time but it would be a good idea to know our limits in some situations especially the ones that we tolerate too much.

Because the end won't be cool or funny. It'll be ugly, sad and disappointing.

Tolerate as much as you can but stop it before you feel exhausted.

Be well! And happy!

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