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Haven´t heard from me recently, right?

Yeah, I know... I know...

I have been a little bit with no inspiration but today I came up with an issue that might be interesting for everyone.

It´s about volunteering!

I´m a volunteer at a Spiritual Center called Nova Odem do Sol placed in Brazil, in the city I live in called Mogi das Cruzes in Sao Paulo state.

Being a volunteer is very rewarding!

I may feel tired and stressed some times because of the activities I do, but I feel really awesome afterwards.

You may be wondering what I can do in a Spiritual Center ...

Well, I don't remember if I've already told you that I'm a nutritionist (similar to a registered dietitian in other countries) and I'm in charge for taking care of the coffee shop of the Center and one weekend a month it is also a restaurant because we have a course on Saturday and Sunday.

I think of the menu and I am responsible for doing the shopping of the ingredients. Going to the supermarket is fun sometimes especially when it's not crowded! lol

Have you ever volunteered in your life? Have you ever wanted to be a volunteer in a non-profit organization? Or somewhere else?

If you have, ... have you ever thought about how YOU feel about it? If you do it because you want it from the deep of your heart or is it just because it's "beautiful" and gives you a good status quo?

But if you haven't thought about it, I assure you that if it comes from the deep of your soul and heart it really fills your spirit with joy and the sense of gratitude for being who you really are doing what you feel like it and with great happiness.

Do you know anywhere in your town or city that needs volunteers? Maybe it's a good chance to try it!

Volunteering isn't just giving money. You can give a smile, a hug or help cleaning and organizing the places. If it's with good will anything can be done!

Volunteering is something to show the others but it's something to fulfill what may be missing inside of you.

Blessed it be!


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