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Welcome 2024!

Time flies!

2024 has arrived! Wow!

And it's almost the third week of January! Wow, wooooow!

Thinking deeply about my 2023, it wasn't a bad year.

I mean... I've had my ups and downs but who hadn't? There were some important events like having started learning how to play the violin which I'm crazy about! Its sound and the feeling it brings to me are fantastic and make me feel amazed.

Having decided to watch all the courses I bought along the year was the best decision made hahahhahahh that sounds like a joke, right? Or it sounds more like an irony because I hadn't done more than my obligation watching them! lol I've learned that I cannot leave things behind because there's never the right moments to do the things we have to do. I know.. a bit old to learn that! lol

But at least I've learned! And it's never too late to learn something :)

I am feeling so light and comfortable with myself. Life has been very nice to me!

I think it's the first time I feel that I'm living 100% of my moment. And it's just mine. My mind needed some quiet moments especially on a special day like New Year's Eve.

I'm listening to my thoughts and enjoying every single discovery about them.

Have you ever listened to your thoughts and felt loads of joy?

I wish you success, new opportunities, love, good health and especially high self esteem.

Do not let go of your dreams! Go for them!


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