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What are you inspired for?

Hi there!!

How're things?

Hope you are well, safe and sound!

As for me.. everything is cool here!

I've been thinking about inspiration...

What inspires you?

What does take your breath away?

What do you breath for when you wake up in the morning?

Some people breathe music!

Some breathe for being grateful just to wake up in the morning.

Some just smile because they're happy to be alive.

Some are inspired for breathing the air that comes into their homes!

And there are others... well... others that breathe for obligation and have nothing to be inspired for.

But that's what they think! Because we always have some inspiration.

Sometimes it's just a matter of noticing the things we like and we have fun and pleasure on doing them!

Just a matter of letting the life flows according to what we really feel from the bottom of our hearts.

Most of the times we feel one thing, we think about another thing and we say some other completely different thing.

They're not connected at all! Then we end up thinking that nothing... absolutely nothing inspires us.

But we always have that thing.. that is hidden in the deep of our souls and we are just afraid to "release" them and let them happen.

I ask myself why the hell we do that 🤔

As in Cindy Lauper's song:

"Secrets stolen from deep inside...


If you fall I'll catch you I'll be waiting..


Time after time"

We have our inspirational secrets that are just ours and no one needs to know what they are.

Knowing that, we can use them to motivate us to go after what we really want and let our dreams come true the way we want them to..

How about being inspired through your dreams and breathe the power that you have inside of you and make things happen?

Let´s breathe our dreams! Let them be inspirational!

I think we're like the Phoenix that reborn every time we get wrecked from any reason or any unpleasant situation we've been through during our lives.

The Phoenix never gives up..

Neither do we! Right?

Take care!


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