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What are you passionate for?

Hello, hello!

How are you doing? Wish you are all well!

My last text was a little depressing... soooorry! But writing is a way to let my thoughts go away and let my heart softer and freer!

Writing... wow... can you believe that I hated writing when I was at school? I mean, I hated writing essays, compositions and whatever it was that the teacher asked us to!

It was really really reaaaaaaally annoying and boring and my grades were not so good hihihihi I was only an average student in Portuguese (sometimes less than average lol).

In 1999 I went to Japan to study Nutrition for a year but I ended up studying Home Economics (yeah... weird.. I know...) and at University I met an English teacher who was American.

And I don´t remember how, when and why he suddenly said to me: 'hey Simone... you have to write a book!'.

My reaction was a very weird face and my thought was: 'Maan... I was terrible at my writing classes... how can I write a book?'

He kept saying that until the day I left Japan.

Of course I forgot about it.. writing a book... ha ha what an insane idea..

Time went by... the years were gone.. and since 2020 I started writing short texts like this one. They were published in an online magazine from Brazil, then in a magazine.

The magazine was sold last year and I lost a "place" to send my texts so I decided to have my own site and publish my thoughts there.

I must confess... my website is my passion!!!

And you know what? It turned out that writing has become what I'm passionate for!!!

It´s very comforting and I feel like my soul dances and sings very happily.

It's so cool finding out things that fill up our minds and hearts!!!

Now I go back to the question which is the title of this text:


What do you need to do to reach your goal?

Is your target real or just an illusion?



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