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What is love?


How are you doing?

I'm doing well here.. working, having fun (a little) and writing (that´s something I've found out that writing and volunteering are love for me!!)

Nowadays, I consider writing as my love. This blog is love for me! It's started as something random that I used to write only in Brazilian Portuguese which is my mother tongue. Then I found a tool that allows me to write in English too.

It may not be 100% grammatically perfect but I try to do my best! =)

Here I am running away from the title of this writing. Let me go back....

So... what is love for you?

For me, love is a feeling that touches my soul deeply. It makes my gut feels the power of doing anything I wish to do from I don't know where!

Love gives me the courage to look for new challenges and face all the difficulties I may have in my way without losing my balance.

Has anyone already asked you if you work with love? Or if you love what you do?

My answer is yes and yes but sometimes I find people who say: I love what I do but I don't love where I work OR I love where I work but I don't love what I do.

How about you?

Only you can decide what love is for you.

No one has the right to decide it for anyone.

I've also heard once: you HAVE TO love it!

Well... can I decide it? It's not mandatory to love anything or anyone I don't want to!

The same as when someone says to you that you HAVE TO love him/her or anybody else!

The singer Chris De Burgh has already said it: Love is my decision!

And there's also another song called Whats's love? by Haddaway which says: what's love? Baby don't hurt me....

Well... we're the only ones who know who or what hurts us... as I always say, it's our choice!

With love,


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