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What kind of person are you?

Hello, hello!

Do you watch soap operas? I've recently started watching a Turkish soap called "Love is in the air".

It's a story about a couple... or better say coupleS in plural that it's so clear they're in love with each other but people's pride is "stronger" than their will to show their feelings.

What makes this soap different from others?

Because soaps are all like that... a couple that struggles to be together because of many difficulties and obstacles caused by others in order to separate them for good. But it never works out and that makes their feelings grow for each other and yada yada yada.

Well, this Turkish soap has all those things and many other problems but it also shows a kind of innocence about love. It's sexy not being vulgar.

It has a touch of caring others worrying about their feelings. There are some evil people but the good ones are stronger and things get solved as soon as they realize that there's something wrong happening.

I used to watch Brazilian soaps when I was a child/teenager.. but now they are so disgusting, so stupid! It seems they induce people to go to the wrong way in their attitude. The right is wrong and the wrong is right. And it's something that I don't agree with.

And when we have a look at the country's society we notice that people are acting the same way as it is shown in the soaps.

As the soaps are shown in a popular channel in Brazil, most people watch them and they really believe that everything in the show is correct and right. When it actually isn't!

Well... everyone has choices... I chose not to watch them and change them to other soaps that are more relaxing, cute and cooler to be watched.

I strongly believe that when we watch a programme, any programme on TV or some streaming it's for us to get cool and empty our minds from our daily problems and worries.

So, why not watching something that we may think that in real life that couldn't happen at all but at the same time we start believing that there are cooler things in the world besides cruelty, prejudice, poverty, manipulation, violence, and so on?

We are all humans!

Humans eat good food, need pleasure, leisure and that won't change!

No one is better than others! We all have a lot to learn. So start learning about yourself first.

Are you the kind of person who built your personality because of a character from a soap or a series?

Or are you the kind of person with your own personality according to the way you were brought up and from the things you've learnt from life?

What kind of person are you?


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