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When and If

'When I have a lot of money I'll buy that pair of Louboutin shoes'.


Ohhh if I had a lot of money, I'd buy that pair of Louboutin shoes'.

These are very extreme sentences because Louboutin shoes are reaaaaally expensive and not everyone can buy them. Well I can't afford them hahhahah

But what I want to say with these sentences is...

How many times a day you say the words WHEN and IF?

Why do we always input conditions in our own lives? If this, I that.

When this, I that !

(Sorry English native people... I know those two sentences above are totally grammatically wrong, but I hope I was understood lol)

When I'm at the clinic attending people I always listen to them saying: when I lose weight, I'll go to the beach! or If I lose weight I can wear dresses or shorts.

It's such a pity because they have just the appearance in mind and they forget that they're humans who deserve to have pleasure in their lives. And the sadness they fill won't summarize in just losing weight.

It's more than that! Because we're not only a piece of meat!! We have feelings!

And life goes by and we end up living in WhenS and IfS.

Do you think that's healthy?

Another thing I usually hear people say is:

If I was famous, I'd buy a very big house in the best place in the country and I'd throw parties every week!

That´s Ok to have ambition. That´s Ok to deserve the best for their lives but in my humble opinion there must be a sense of reality and a sense of possibilities.

What's the possibility to become famous out of the blue?

First we need luck aahahaah

Second even with luck we need to work hard to keep that luck with us and to keep what we've been achieving doing what we're doing.

Fact is that if we live in whenS and ifS and do nothing to make our dreams come true... nothing will happen!

Life is NOW!! And it's pretty when we look at it with affectionate eyes and open heart!

I hope the humanity open their eyes before the when and if turn into:

If I had done this when I was younger I'd been happier.

Wish you all a lovey day


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