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Hello, hello!!!!

I'll start this text with a question... how many times have you given up on doing something because you didn't find courage to do what you wanted to?

I need more fingers to count how many times I have given up because of my lack of courage. Shame on me!!

But at the same time I know (now) that sooner or later we end up doing what we have to do. I just needed to be faster LOL!!!

When I was a child, I used to be criticized by my parents and relatives. Even by people who I thought were my friends. Not saying here that everyone has to agree with me or please me no matter what but saying that I spoke too much or that I was giving not sensible opinions (even when I was asked to gie my opinion).

So, from my childhood to my early adult time I got used to shut my mouth and stopped giving opinions even when asked.

Buuuut life goes round and we are brought back to track to accomplish our mission and go after our fate. And for that what do we have to do? Start speaking!!! To the world!!!

And how does it work to get the courage back? Will there be anyone who's going to help giving encouragement and show that you are capable of doing things by yourself even if you have lost it aaaaaages ago?

As for my experience, first I had to learn how to trust people (at least a little bit) then accept that not all criticism is bad. The words can be the words of wisdom that you've always wanted to listen to from the people close to you.

Anyways, we always find courage for doing things like driving, giving speeches or lectures, killing roaches in the kitchen in the middle of the night.. but why is it scary to show our feelings?

Why is it so embarrassing to say to someone that you like them?

Why is the feeling of weakness and fear so strong inside of us?

I hope we all find encouragement and strength in our life to conquer everything we wish! Especially being with someone you love!

Wish you success!!


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