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Hi there!!

How are things?

Hope you are well. 😊

It's been sometime I don't write anything in English. I mean, I wanted to but I wasn't focused enough to write anything in another languge but mine.

I've recently started thinking about FOCUS!

I caught myself wondering about the things I have wished for my life which I haven't accomplished (yet). Even those things being something that I've always been thinking about

I thought: I guess my focus is not right... or I'm focusing on something because I'm used to it OR the aim has changed so has the focus but I haven't realized that..

So I started thinking (again!) about how much effort I focus on what I want or what I think I still want.

Oh nooo!! So many thoughts! Lol

For a long time I focused on earning money and travel worldwide. Well, I guess I've done something really wrong because money has been something I still fight for and about travelling.... I haven't travelled worldwide but I could visit some places overseas which I really loved and wish to go for a visit again!

I'm wondering now if my focus was earning a lot of money and travel. I mean, money is good, travelling is awesome but the question is:

Did I really want those? Fom the bottom of my heart?


Did I want to "run away" from something in order not to focus on what it was really important for my life like being in a serious relationship?

I guess sometimes we focus on things trying to get rid of feelings that make our heart and soul struggle because we don't want to feel any kind of pain.

"But how come do we know that we are running away or trying to get rid of something? That's crazy!"

I agree with you... that sounds a lot crazy! But if we think that we carry emotions since when we are growing inside our moms's belly because we can feel what they feel, good feelings or not, those things can influence how we grow and what targets we might have.

Sometimes it's not our own wish but it's something we felt while we were growing in the womb and feeling what our parents were feeling at those moments. It's something that happens unconsciously.

I've always had problems about being in a relationship. It's a feeling of being trapped and unable to do the things I want to.

My mom has told me once that when she was pregnant with me she felt lonely because my dad thought only about working and her sisters-in-law were a piece of s#!t. And after I was born she thought of running away just the two of us far away from my dad and the other relatives.

My dad is a good person but he is not the kind of person who shows what he feels. All my childhood, everything was about work, money and no fun. As for my mom, she just accepted everything.

Maybe the focus I've had for my life until now came from that kind of relationship I watched for so long and I've just realized that I have to change my target and focus on a different direction.

A change of mind is necessary. The key for success isn't what we think we want but it's the real feeling we have towards our lives.

People normally say that they wish to win the lottery and become millionaires. Ok! There's no problem with that! But have you noticed that some people won the lottery and they are millionaire for a short period of time?

The fact of winning the lottery has nothing to do with managing the money.

The same can be said about losing weight which is not difficult when you're focused on changing eating habits and the life style. That being done the health will be better!

But if the focus is losing weight just for wearing a bikini in summer and after that go back to the old eating habits, well .. the focus was the bikini and not the healthy lifestyle.

Have you ever thought about what you focus on?

The good thing is that we can change it when we find out that it's not the right thing and we have time to change it.

It's never too late to be happy!

Let's focus on a joyful life!

Hocus Focus!


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