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Hello, hello!

Hope you are well!

Have you ever thought of the possibility in being 100% alone or maybe lonely?

I was recently talking to a friend of mine about that. And we ended up being sure that it's not possible!

I mean... we will need to talk to someone sometime in our lives whether we want it or not.

It's delusional to think that being alone and lonely is the best solution in our lives.

Even monks don't live alone just by themselves. They have people to take care of their place.

I can't imagine them saying that they're self sufficient.

People from India may live alone but they are surrounded by people even when they're not close to them.

Oh! I remembered another thing now.... my little cousin, who is 8, said to me:

" Sissi, imagine if it was just you and me in the whole world! We could go to the shopping centre and have ice creams, get the clothes from the shops, play around with other things..."

I looked at her and said: well... it could be nice BUT who would make the ice cream, the clothes and everything else?"

She looked at me with her thoughtful face, gasped and said: "yeah... you are right... that won't be possible..."

Aaaand we were off for lunch. The lunch that her grandmother prepared for us with the food produced by someone that she bought from the market.

It's really impossible surviving alone with absolute nobody!

Because we will always need something made by someone!

"Oook.... but... what does all written above do with friendship?"

Well, friendship is very valuable because being alone and lonely is like being an orphan. Even when we feel comfortable being alone! I'm so good at being alone LOL!But it's tiring sometimes.

Friends are like fuel to let us go ahead and help us reach our target! Even when we don't see our friends very often, when the laces are tight and because of different ways life has taken us for ten, twenty years apart those are nothing because when we meet again it'll be like it was the day before!

If the friendship between two people had a little distress and if they never get together again the friendship was worth it anyway.

Sometimes it was just a way of life teaches us about the various kinds of personalities that we might have to face along our long life.

Be friends with life first! It'll be certainly your BFF! <3


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